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    Zeronight (Whitewave)

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    #Fishing wear#fishing towels#fishing caps#life jackets#fishing badges

    Company Introduction

    Zeronight (Whitewave) product

    Reflective fishing wear brand specialized in fishing and marine sports. White Wave produces and sells various products such as Fishing wear, fishing towels, fishing caps, life jackets, fishing badges.

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    #Freshwater floats#fishing tackles

    Company Introduction

    WANO FISHING product

    After a long time of research and experimentation, Wano Fishing has released a float that can change the length of the float without replacing the stick. The world's first exchangeable freshwater float that can be used at any depth has been recognized for its technological prowess and originality and patented.
    Along with freshwater floats, Wano Fishing continues to research and manufacture a variety of fishing tackles with its long-standing know-how and experience.

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    #Fishing tackles#Fishing rod

    Company Introduction

    TOKTOK FISHING product

    TokTok Fishing is a company that produces and sells various fishing tackles and camping items.

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    Taejin Fishing

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    #fishing pedestal

    Company Introduction

    Taejin Fishing product

    Taejin Fishing is a company that manufactures and sells fishing products such as sea, stone sea bream, freshwater pedestal, pedestal, footrest, tent pedestal, and various holders. Fishing poles are said to be particularly good. In addition to fishing gear, Taejin Fishing also sells a variety of camping gear and more.

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    Company Introduction

    SUNMARINE product

    SUNMARINE adds elegance to Marine and Leisure. As the official domestic importer of eco-friendly WHALY boats made of PE from the Netherlands and TERHI boats made of ABS from Finland, SUNMARINE is a 30-year-old marine leisure company that constantly strives to find the most suitable boat for customer’s needs.

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    #Fishing tackles#parasol angle adjuster

    Company Introduction

    STAR KWC product

    Star KWC is a company that produces and sells fishing tackles such as parasol angle adjuster.

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    #fishing tools

    Company Introduction

    SONIX product

    Sonix is a manufacturer of high quality stainless steel fishing tools.
     Sonix, a luxury fishing tool that will be with you for a long time.
     1. Sonix fishing tools are manufactured and distributed directly at Sonix headquarters in Pakistan using high-grade stainless steel that does not rust.
     2. It is a tool that is consistently loved by maintaining its quality through precise machining.
     3. It provides a comfortable use environment with the proper fit of the tool and ergonomic design.
     4. Sonix makes special tools tailored to your needs.

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    #Toys and hobby supplies

    Company Introduction

    SM COMPANY product

    SM Company is a company that treats toys and hobby supplies. You can meet Bellrock&D.O.G’s camping gears in GNFISH 2022.

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    Seyang FUGA

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    #Fishing goods#Fishing pokes

    Company Introduction

    Seyang FUGA product

    Every poke in the world leads to a fuga! Seyang Fuga is a company that manufactures and distributes fishing products such as fishing rods, fishing lines, pokes, and hooks.

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    SEAL BOOSTER-Serve Technology Co.,Ltd

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    #Wearable ersonal underwater propulsion system

    Company Introduction

    SEAL BOOSTER-Serve Technology Co.,Ltd product

    Starting in 1997, through the introduction of advanced techniques and automated manufacturing facilities, Serve Technology Co.,Ltd. has been gaining its professional expertise in factory automation system, from initial design to manufacture and instrumentation for the automotive industry.

     Based on technical prowess that has been accumulated for more than 20 years, we stand in full readiness to map out ‘The 2nd leap’ of company by launching out recently-developed Wearable Personal Underwater Propulsion System with its brand name of ‘SEAL BOOSTER’.

     In accordance with these accomplishments, we are now able to deal with our customer’s ever-changing diverse needs professionally with our high-end products and outstanding services. All of our executives and staff members are dedicated to optimizing product quality and to guaranteeing customer satisfaction. To this end, we strive to become the best business partner while staying a step ahead of our customers’ requirements.

     In this era of boundless competition, we will make our best endeavors to bring you better values by always treating you as family members. Once again, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support and loyalty that you have shown us in the course of our journey so far, and lastly we promise that Serve Technology’s trustworthy efforts for eventual customer satisfaction will be continued.
    Thank you.

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    River&Sea Fishing

    #Fishing goods#fishing pokes

    Company Introduction

    River&Sea Fishing product

    River&Sea Fishing is a company that sells various fishing goods and fishing pokes.

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    #Fishing goods#DAIWA Korea Main Store

    Company Introduction

    Profishing product

    Profishing is run directly by the 'DAIWA Field Master SON' pro and is a fishing supplies shop specializing in selling only DAIWA's fishing supplies.
     In order to maximize the learning effect through real fishing, we operate Naver Cafe 'Son’s real fishing' and strive to create a practical venue that encompasses everyone from beginners to experienced fishermen. Through this repetition of learning, we help café members improve their skills based on the experience of learning a sense of practice.

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    #Fishing goods#Egi case#Carrier Set#Ebongi

    Company Introduction

    PIGIVASE product

    PIGYVASE is a self-made fishing brand.
     We developed ‘Egi case’ first in Korea. We have launched a new concept item that can combine and separate an ice box and a tackle box into one.
    We pursue a convenient, enjoyable and safe fishing life.
    We also developed ebongi, which emits light by itself by using special paint. Ebongi is different from the existing ones in the shape of eyes and needles.

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    OAC Networks

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    #Fishing tackles#single-decker fishing tackle

    Company Introduction

    OAC Networks product

    OAC Networks, short for Optical Advanced Communication, is a manufacturer of fishing tackles, such as single-decker fishing tackle. Our motto is to reinvent new products and values on the basis of cooperation and order.

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    Kumho Fishing Tackle Co.,

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    #fishing hook#fresh water hook#salt waterworm hook#jig hook#fly hook#stainless steel hooks#sports fishing hook

    Company Introduction

    Kumho Fishing Tackle Co., product

    Thank You For Visiting KUMHO

    Kumho Fishing Tackle Co., was established in 1979 by Mr. Kim Hwakyu. He was engineer so that he focuses technological advances to product on high quality hook only.

    Now with over 50 crews belong to Kumhoand they lead Korea’s fishing hook industry.

    Quality control is the heart at the operation with every attention is given to it with physically and chemically in ‘Q’mark and ‘ISO 9001’ regulation. From Kumho Fishing Tackle Co.,plant,Literally tens of thousand different Items, such as fresh water, salt waterworm hook, jig hook, fly hook And stainless steel hooks as well as sports fishing hook.

    We’ve exported to more than 40 countries, Asia, America, Europe, Africa All around world.

    Moreover trying to confidence service with customer’s attention.

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    #Fishing association

    Company Introduction


    The Korea Fishing Association is an organization that plays a leading role in the creation of a fishing environment and the development of fishing culture, formed by businessmen centered on fishing manufacturing and distribution businesses.

     With the power of 10 million anglers, fishing became the number one leisure sport a few years ago.
     As Korea is developed country in fishing field, which has a large number of fishing clubs and fishing is the number 1 in the leisure sports sector, we are making steady efforts against the government to create a fishing policy and environment and to protect the rights and interests of our anglers.
    By reviewing the Fishing Management Promotion Act and the Fishing Regulation Act we will correct everything to be corrected, and we will do our best to make Korea into the best fishing environment in the world so that Korea’s fishing culture can become an advanced one that allows you to be healthy and happy through fishing.
    Thank you.

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    #Camping Trailers#Folding Caravans#LARGO#BELLA#KEEP#PIONERO#INICIO#DIA

    Company Introduction

    Komma product

    Komma Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures and sells the best camping trailers and folding caravans with domestic production. Komma is the first domestic camping trailer and folding caravan franchise company that manages production, distribution, and follow-up management in one-stop way, which goes beyond the existing common franchise format. We are the franchise that everyone who is interested in the camping business has dreamed of.
     Since 2018, we have started the franchise business with camping comfort, pleasure, and stability, as well as excellent durability and reliable follow-up management, and have been with many customers until now.
     In 2021, company name was changed to KOMMA. With the launch of the two-folding trailer 'LARGO', the one-folding trailer 'BELLA', the two-folding trailer 'KEEP', the cargo trailer 'PIONERO', the caravan 'INICIO', and the hardtop pop-up caravan 'DIA', we are bringing families to grow together with a new lineup.
      If you want a high profit with small capital, try the camping business with Komma Co., Ltd. with prospects. A business that enjoys camping! Healing business with customers! A high-profit business! Call us anytime.
     A camping business with a pleasant feeling of walking on white snow that no one has stepped on. Komma!

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    #Fishing tackles#fishing rod#reel#egi#hook#chair etc

    Company Introduction

    KL FISHING product

    KL Fishing is the only place in the country where fishing shops and fishing grounds coexist. You can find general items of fishing, such as domestic and imported fishing rods, reels, egi, fishing hooks, chairs, pedestals, tackle boxes, etc.

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    #Fishing tackles#fishing pedestal

    Company Introduction

    JOON TECH product

    ‘Joon Tech’ prides itself on being a luxury pedestal that was born to prove the perfection of fishing pedestals.
     Joon Tech has developed a sturdy and convenient fishing pedestal through years of precision processing technology know-how, field experience as a fisherman, and feedback from many anglers.
     We ask for your continued love and encouragement from many anglers.

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    #Fishing Line#sea line#freshwater line#lure line

    Company Introduction

    JOMUSA product

    In order to supply proper fishing goods, JOMUSA supplies only confident products that are designed and tested directly by the company's representative. We hope that JOMUSA will be an excellent choice for anglers who are looking for a good product.

    ‘Fishing in sight JOMUSA’ not only pursues company’s growth, but also thinks and draws a better future for anglers and the whole fishing industry
    as a Korea’s leading fishing line company.

    Starting with fishing line, we will develop, manufacture, and distribute a variety of fishing products to meet the high quality demands of anglers, and continue to develop, invest in technology so that the fishing industry can continue to grow.

    And we will grow by pursuing a company that prioritizes the value that can be shared as a 'fisherman's companion' and takes the lead in saving and protecting fish resources at all times.

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    #Camping gears#outdoor burner#industrial torch

    Company Introduction

    JERA CAMPING product

    Jera produces outdoor burner, stove and industrial torches.
     In addtion to producing excellent products Based on accumulated know-how and unique technology, we will focus on better product development through relentless research.
    The Jera in Life! We will reward you with quality.

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    #bulletproof lens#skin scuba mask#sports goggles#special glasses

    Company Introduction

    ISAAC GLASSES product

    What Isaac Glasses thinks is to provide good glasses by a good meeting.

    Isaac Glasses is an optician specialized in lens processing. We manufacture lenses from general to special in one-stop.

    Isaac Glasses is run by professional opticians and they are doing their best to make good glasses with the best technology.
    We have a processing technology through our self-developed system and high-tech processing equipment and our technology can’t be imitated.
    Bulletproof lens processing such as polycarbonate and tribex, which was considered that it is difficult to process, is being manufactured in a short time.
    Through this specialized skill, we are expanding our field of expertise in the development of eyewear.

    Thank you.

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    Company Introduction

    IM010 product

    IM010 specializes in sunglasses events. IM010 is a company that targets all ages of department stores, shopping malls, and mart consumers and uses the concept of event sales.

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    #Fishing Goods#Fishing rod#reel#clothes#cooler#bag#lure

    Company Introduction

    HDF product

    HDF writes a new history of Korean fishing goods.
     “Realization of localization of all fishing goods”
     “We make anything what anglers want”

     We have with over 2,700 items and over 6,000 kinds of fishing goods, and this is the largest in Korea.
     Through continuous and bold investment, we develop and launch 300 types of new products every year.

     HDF, most loved by fishing enthusiasts.
     We will repay you with the fishing goods in the future.

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    #monthly fishing magazine

    Company Introduction

    GOLDEN TIME product

    Founded in March 1971, the monthly 「Fishing Spring and Autumn」 has served as a faithful guide for Korean anglers for 50 years and boasts the highest subscription rate and the largest number of publications among fishing publications.
     「Fishing Spring and Autumn」 which contains abundant reading materials in all fields of freshwater fishing, sea fishing, and lure&fly fishing, is on sale at bookstores and large fishing stores on the 15th of every month.

     「Fishing Spring and Autumn」, a faithful guide for anglers, contributes to the promotion of the Korean fishing industry.
     「Fishing Spring and Autumn」 is a platform where trends and the world’s fishing culture exchange, by introducing the beautiful lakes and seas of Korea and the stories of anglers in them.
     Also, we have been playing a role in organizing Korea's native fish and traditional fishing methods, preserving fishing related events as records, and spreading the world's high-tech fishing currents to Korea.

     Establishment of fishing terminology, environmental protection campaign for fishing grounds.
     Since the first issue of 「Fishing Spring and Autumn」, we put a lot of effort into organizing and refining fishing terms.
     In 1982, we participated in the creation of the ‘Fishing Terminology Review Committee’ and unified and finalized about 300 terms.
     In addition, 「Fishing Spring and Autumn」 is making continuous efforts to improve the fishing environment.
     In 1993, the ‘Fishing Ground Cleaning Day’ was established and implemented, which was organized by us.
     After that, the ‘5-5 Clean Movement’ has been continuously developed, and through a fixed page called ‘Green Paper’, environmental accusations, gossip, and suggestion articles are continuously being dealt with.

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    #Fishing Goods Wholesale Distribution

    Company Introduction


    Starting from 1995 as a one-man company, now we have grown into an international fishing goods distribution company which has various customers such as Japan, the United States, China, Australia, Russia, and Europe.
     We are the exclusive Korean dealer of the Japanese brands SASAME, YAIBA-X, GOSEN, NISSIN, SIYOUEI and the global brand OKUMA, and doing our best to supply more diverse products by increasing the number of Japanese brands and the brands that can be handled.

     Our campany’s motto is “The person who challenges is the true champion.” We promise to grow into an exemplary company trusted by customers by providing excellent products and quick information without fear of change.

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    #Fishing storage cabinet - Haepumjang

    Company Introduction

    GAMIZ product

    Respect the fishing! Respect the sea! Respect the valuable memory of enthusiast!

     In my reasonable fishing experience, the fishing does not require only fishing rods and hooks but unexpected tools. You can cast with a fishing rod, reel, line, float, snell, and hook to catch a fish but it depends on the type of fish and genre of fishing such as driftline and lure. Furthermore, if you need to prepare essential survival tools, it will be more complicated so arranging many fishing items will be frustrating as much as unloosing tangled fishing line. Fishing tools also includes small items, straight rod, long and round fishing bag, rectangular auxiliary bag, clothes, and cooking and camping items so they are not easy to store and some people just leave them in a veranda, storage room, or garret, or have a fishing room. If you store the tools in a closed space, the are easy to fail and increases time and economic burden because of mass. From this point, Gamiz established a team of architect, furniture designer, and professional fishermen to find a reasonable solution. And we finally reached and revealed the conclusion. It can be convenient for someone while being problematic for others. We will take the criticism on ignorance as a ground to take care of enthusiasts. We will always do our best for kind and good service.

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    #Fishing TV Channel

    Company Introduction


    Fisherman's dream and hope!

    Thanks to the love and encouragement of Korean fishing enthusiasts, FTV is celebrating its 21st anniversary.
    FTV, composed of experts in broadcasting and fishing fields, is doing its best to make fishing a healing sport for all people who are living the age of working 5 days a week.
    With the relocation to the new office building in Pangyo in 2013, we are making every effort to establish a UHD production system environment and to lead creative and clean broadcasting in the 21st century.
    We have contributed to the spread of the Korean fishing wave in the era of globalization, such as China Marine TV, Hunan TV, Yanbian Broadcasting, New Zealand IPTV transmission, and Korean American broadcasting stations.
    We have received several awards from the Korea Communications  Commission for its high-quality documentaries produced in-house.

    FTV will do our best to fulfill broadcasting responsibilities that to preserve the beautiful natural heritage which will be passed on to future generations, and to become a leader in the era of digital convergence.

    We ask for your encouragement and support from viewers who love nature. Thank you.

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    #Experiential Fishing Products Series

    Company Introduction

    FORTENTS product

    Fortents Co., Ltd. is a game production company founded in October 2017.  We have been developing products that fuse hardware and software around fishing content for 4 years, and we hold more than 13 patents related to this. In December 2020, the technology was recognized and won gold and bronze awards at the COEX Seoul International Invention Exhibition.

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    Fishing Group MANUH

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    #Fishing Tackles

    Company Introduction

    Fishing Group MANUH product

    * Korea Employer’s Association of Fishing Tackle
     ‘Fishing Group MANUH’ is the producer and distributor of the best fishing products in Korea.  MANUH is the Korean distributor of Marukyu Co., Ltd and has created brands such as OXIEN and INCRON. We provide fishing tackles and equipments at the lowest price and the highest quality.